2014 Season: March 29 – April 5!

CMB with Keiko

CMB is busy planning its 2014 partnerships, which have been rescheduled to March 29 – April 5, 2014! In between seasons, we like to reflect on our work with our partnership schools and community organizations to see how we can continue to share our music in meaningful, creative ways in the Bay Area.

We were particularly inspired last season by our encounter with a Bay Area artist, Keiko O’Leary, who we were fortunate to meet at the Saratoga Library last year. Keiko wrote a beautiful entry on our fortuitous meeting here: http://blog.keikooleary.com/post/40464472370/gesture-drawing-musicians

Not only were we touched by Keiko’s beautiful artistry, but by her generosity to share it with us and our audience members. This is exactly what we strive to do– to actively create, share, and inspire others with our music. Keiko, your creativity project is an inspiration to all of us!

In the meanwhile, if you are a teacher, community member, parent, or student who is interested in collaborating with CMB in 2014, please follow CMB’s page on Facebook or get in touch with us via e-mail at chambermusicbythebay@gmail.com!

We are looking forward to being back in March 2014!


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