CMB visits Redwood Middle School & the Chung Tai Zen Center

May 26th: Chamber Music by the Bay performs for the students of Chung Tai Zen Center’s AWESOME class

Two incredible visits, and to work with two great groups of students! Chamber Music by the Bay had its first presentation at the Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale on May 26th, where we were fortunate to work with the young students in the AWESOME class. We were so impressed by their questions, ideas, and attention, and also enjoyed sharing the beautiful space of the Zen Center with the many parents, Zen Center volunteers, and members who were present. This afternoon CMB worked with the many orchestra students in Mr. Jow and Mr. Krijnen’s classes at Redwood Middle School. WOW! We were thrilled to coach the Chamber students on Dvorak’s String Serenade, and work with the Vivace and Presto groups to unravel the mysteries of chamber music. The Vivace and Presto students helped us identify possible characters and images to accompany the first movement of Dvorak’s “American Quartet,” and we tested and voted on each character with the help of the students. Chamber Music by the Bay is already looking forward to working with the students at both the Zen Center and at Redwood again!

May 29th: Chamber Music by the Bay works with the Vivace and Chamber groups at Redwood Middle School to brainstorm ideas and characters!

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